We are a team of builders who share a passion for engineering using Open Source Technology and Cloud Based Services.

Our team initially met and worked together over the course of several years for an international startup based in Nashville, Chicago, and London. During our time working together we enjoyed the challenge and freedom of using open source technology to deliver platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities for a big data analytics and targeting engine used by financial institutions and advertisers in the payment card industry.

Through our experiences we have witnessed first-hand the tremendous value that a well-engineered platform can have on a business. DevOps Automation and Platform Engineering in the cloud is simply a force multiplier for a team's creative momentum. We launced Gadgetry in early 2017 to offer our services to the community.

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Our Focus

We believe that teams of all sizes should enjoy the convenience of modern and well-engineered platforms.

Where you decide to invest your time and resources is an important decision. Let your team stay focused on delivering value for your business while our team of talented engineers design, codify, and deploy your platform using industry best practices.

We have the practitioner level experience to help you deliver the DevOps and platform automation capabilities you've always wanted.

  • We offer cloud architecture and platform engineering services.
  • We design, build and ship solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • We design, build and ship solutions using open source technology.
  • We share our knowledge and expertise with the open source community.
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Our Founders

Brian Hooper

Founder, Practitioner

Miles Maddox

Founder, Practitioner